I am getting your point. But I don't think OP or the Android OS would be able to solve this problem. The time to start a new component like activity would depend upon how fast the system responds to this request which further depends on how that particular component is written , in accordance with the lifecycle.

For eg, graphics oriented Activity with lots of animations and canvas objects being initialized in the onCreate() would take longer to start whereas a small HelloWorldActivity with nothing in onCreate() would start very fast.

There is no way a system to know beforehand how much time its gonna take to boot a screen.

The only thing which we can do is to guess how much time its going to take to start the next activity and ignore clicks within that interval.

That is why following the lifecycle effectively and making activities lightweight is important


curiously fiddling around with tech | https://root-ansh.github.io/curioustools/ also @anshsachdevaprofessional

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